Sometimes when life becomes challenging, you just need someone to talk to. We have a trained and qualified team of friendly people who would love to help connect you to the care you need. You can also get help with visiting someone in a hospital or help with a funeral through this ministry.

Stephen Ministries

We all experience challenges in our lives where we could benefit from extra care and support from our church. Friends Church has trained Stephen Ministers that can provide the emotional and spiritual one-on-one care needed when one faces crisis or difficulty.
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Hospital Visitations

Members of our Hospital Visitation Team are available if you or a loved one would like visitation while hospitalized or struggling with an illness.
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Friends Church partners with CIFT, a professional and confidential Christian-based counseling center. CIFT is a non-profit Christian counseling center.
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If you need help with a funeral or memorial service, we would be privileged to minister to you and your family. Members of our Funeral Team will assist you in planning and implementing a service/reception, either on or off campus.
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Need to talk with a pastor?

Call us at the church office (Monday through Friday, 8A to 5P) or email us today
and our care team will help you get the support you need.