Connect with Friends is THE WAY to get acquainted at Friends Church, even if you have been attending our church for a while! Join us as our Lead Pastor Matthew Cork (Yorba Linda Campus) or Lead Pastor Jay Hewitt (Orange Campus) talk about their personal journey, as well as the mission and vision of Friends, and how YOU can engage and connect. A lunch and KidsCare are provided free of charge.

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Yorba Linda

Nov 11, 2018 | 12:15P

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Jan 6, 2019 |12:30P


Mitch and Megan’s
Connect with Friends Experience

“Shortly after my wife Megan and I got married, we knew that it was important for us to get involved at a church where we could both grow together. My wife had been to Friends before and loved the church, but never had the chance to get plugged in. One Sunday, we decided to attend Connect with Friends, which was a great first step for us to meet other people and begin to understand more about Friends. From Connect with Friends, we found that the church only felt smaller as we took more steps to get involved by signing up for Rooted. From our Rooted group, we then started a Life Group, where we now have a strong community that supports each other through the craziness life throws at all of us.

– Mitch Pruitt

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