Children’s Ministries

Welcome to KidVenture…a fun, creative and interactive places where kids and families embark on a journey to becoming authentic Christ-followers! The adventure begins with our Sunday worship gatherings. Our staff and screened volunteers guide kids through the Bible in our age appropriate room destinations as the parents attend our main Worship Gathering. Head to the KidVenture check-in station in the courtyard to connect your child to a ministry you can trust.

Child Dedication

Child Dedication Information will be shared at the end of the “Foundations of Parenting” class. All parents who want to dedicate their children must attend the Foundations of Parenting class and stay for the Child Dedication portion. Our Child Dedications are a public, parent commitment. Parents will stand with their children in front of the congregation as a promise to offer their child to the Lord. It is also a public commitment to dedicate themselves to rearing their child for the glory of God. Parents should regularly attend Friends Church weekend services as they will be standing before the congregation who will help support, encourage, and hold them accountable on their parenting journey.


We want to minister to you as a parent. We value you as the primary spiritual nurturers of your children. We strive to support you in this role by encouraging and equipping you to spiritually lead your families. In light of this, we came up with some simple goals and resources to help you on your journey.

  1. READ the Bible with your child everyday.

  2. PRAY with and for your child everyday.

  3. TALK with your child about God throughout the day (Deuteronomy 6).

  4. Be INVOLVED with your child at church, don’t just bring them to church: 

    • Make every effort to attend the same service each weekend (so your child will have the opportunity to develop a strong relationship with their small group and small group leader)
    • Know what they are learning
    • Know who is teaching them
    • Volunteer in your child’s age group
    • Participate together in a community “reach” event or service project
We strongly encourage all parents who have a child, birth-Kindergarten, to attend the “Foundations of Parenting” class one time. This is also our child dedication class. Feel free to attend when your child is a baby, toddler, or even in preschool.
12 – 23 Months:
Bible stories are taught each weekend, using a variety of age-appropriate methods aimed at helping young children understand God loves them and God made them.

2 – 3 Years:
Kids participate in Large group time which is a fun, interactive, multimedia-based curriculum that takes them on a Bible Adventure as they explore God’s Word through creatively taught Bible stories on DVD. Kids also sing, jump, shout, move and worship through song. The kids break up into small groups where they do Bible learning activities or crafts that reinforce the lesson objective.

4 Years – Kindergarten:
The Bible is taught over two years through a large group/small group format called Pt. Discovery. Kids start out in small groups doing an activity together, then transition to large group time for high-energy, engaging and age-appropriate Bible teaching and worship. Kids then have small groups where they participate in activities to reinforce the story.

TruStory is a biblically based curriculum, teaching children the Bible from beginning to end every year, repeating every 3 years, with each new year focusing on different parts of God’s Big Story. It is designed to reveal God’s redemptive plan for kids, allowing them to Anticipate, Celebrate, Respond, and be Blessed in an participatory environment. Kids participate in large group worship time then break into small groups. TruStory recognizes that the spiritual formation of children comes through the power of the Holy Spirit and allows space for children to respond to God. Best of all, spiritual learning begins in the home, equipping parents to be primary in spiritually nurturing their elementary child through a preteaching resource called “Homefront Weekly” (see below).

  • Anticipate/Small Group:
    Check-In Anticipate is an energizing time for parents and kids to start engaging with the material that will be presented in the lesson. It is intentionally designed to spark curiosity about what they will be experiencing.
  • Celebrate/Large Group:
    During the Celebrate portion of the lesson, kids get to be a part of the community of God’s family. They participate in celebratory worship, connect through fun and interaction, and experience The Big God Story through storytelling right out of the Bible.
  • Respond/Large Group:
    During our large group Respond time, kids worship through silence, prayer, singing, giving, sharing, and gratitude.
  • Respond/Small Group:
    The small group Respond time is a time to engage in relationships with other kids and their leader (this is why it is SO important for kids to attend the same service each weekend!), reflect on the lesson, and create a collaborative project or piece of art. During the time of reflection, kids are encouraged to explore personal responses to God and grow in their relationship with Christ.
  • Bless/Small Group:
    The Bless portion of the lesson provides a time for leaders and parents to bless their students or children. A blessing can be a prayer of commission, a portion of Scripture, or words of encouragement.
All Ages – Home Front Monthly
HomeFront Monthly is for all ages. You can download by clicking on the link below for this month’s HomeFront. It includes: storytelling, God’s Word, new family traditions, fun games and recipes, family blessings, prayer, a marriage section and more!

There are four ways to get HomeFront Monthly:

  • Download the HomeFront Monthly App for FREE on your iPhone. Key word search: “Tru Home”
  • Have an issue of HomeFront sent to your inbox each month for free.


It takes a village to raise a kid and KidVenture can’t exist without volunteers. If you are interested in serving sign up here. If you have any questions please email Jonathan.

Student Ministries

Students 7th Grade and up are invited to join their parents in the main Worship Gathering on Sundays. During the week, students are invited to be part of one of our Student Ministries programs on our central campus in Yorba Linda. Students from our Orange Campus will be welcomed into the overall Student Ministry experience of Group Life, Camps, Mission Trips and Special Events.