ROOTED is a ten-week, transformational, Life Group experience. It is our hope that ROOTED will deepen your connection with God and His church and that ROOTED will help you to find your unique purpose in the story that God is writing throughout history.

Think of ROOTED as an experience on your personal journey to deepening your connection with God, His church, and finding your unique purpose in God’s story.


“ROOTED is about connections – connecting with others in a journey of faith. Together we discuss God’s truths about Himself, the Church, prayer, service, and generosity. The ROOTED experience surprises us with fresh insights on eternal matters!”Ron Prentice | Pastor, Rooted Grad
“The ROOTED experience has changed the direction of my life. God has used ROOTED to call me out of an apathetic church existence and into a mindset of intentional service. I am now committed to experiencing the fullness of God’s plan for my life!”Trent Shirk | Rooted Grad
“Before ROOTED, I had been feeling discontent about my relationship with God. By the end of the study, I found a new passion for living my life for Jesus in everything I do. ROOTED is more than just a good bible study – it is a new experience that will challenge and grow anyone!”Jonathan Reider | Pastor, Rooted Grad


ROOTED launches 3 times a year – Fall, Winter, and Spring. ROOTED Groups are offered on Sundays and/or Thursdays at our Yorba Linda Campus and Thursdays at our Orange Campus for the Spring Session.
This study is ten weeks long and the cost is $35 for your study guide, materials, and a celebration event.

Yorba Linda

Coming in January!

If you need more info, contact Group Life Pastor Drew Heim at


Coming in January!

If you need more info, contact Jonathan Reider at


Each ROOTED participant must register at and pay $35 to cover the cost of a ROOTED study guide, materials, and a celebration event. We recognize that $35 might be a challenging expense, and therefore have limited scholarship funds available. Please contact Jen if you are interested in receiving assistance.

If you’re not currently in a Life Group, you will be placed in a newly created ROOTED group. Our staff will seek discernment when assigning people to a group and a leader. When we have followed this process in the past, we have seen God do what only He can by providing the right blend of group members and leaders.

At our Yorba Linda Campus, ROOTED groups will meet on Sundays at 10:30A and Tuesdays at 7:00P, depending on the day you choose. At our Orange Campus, ROOTED groups will meet at the Packing House on Thursdays at 7:00P.

As you join a new ROOTED group, you will receive a book at your first session.

Yes, you’ll discover that each ROOTED group will unpack, discuss, and apply the weekly content in a unique way. For instance, a same gender group’s interaction with the material will often be distinctly different than a mixed group’s experience.

No, please only register for ROOTED once. On the registration space provided, indicate the names of both group leaders. Also, it might be helpful for you to let both group leaders know that you will be participating in two groups.

ROOTED is not just another Bible study. It’s not a typical discipleship program. This material originally came from Africa, where it had a transformational effect. The title was “Mizizi” – Swahili for “Roots”. It was developed by, Pastor Muriithi Wanjau of Mavuno Church in Nairobi, Kenya. It is unlike most programs or studies as it is an experience and a journey. It will involve five days of short homework preparation each week which include writing prayers to God, journaling, listening, and challenging one another to grow in new ways. If you’re willing to invest in this completely, your perspectives may be completely transformed.

Because this is a listening and journaling experience, it is essential that you do your own reading, praying, and writing. Having your own “guide” on this adventure will be essential. Buy your own book, invest your time, and see what God might do to surprise you.

If you are a ROOTED leader, we have resources for you!