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Upcoming Service Events

Explore Fostering & Adopting Seminar

Sunday, Feb 25 6:30-8pm
Location: MPR

If you’ve ever thought about adopting or fostering, this is the place for you! Come get information, simple overviews, and your questions answered from experienced foster and adoptive parents. You’ll learn about the current state of vulnerable children both locally and globally. We’ll discover biblical perspectives together and offer simple ways to prayerfully consider your options in a no-pressure environment. You can experience this intimate seminar with a few other people like you.

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Box of Love

Coming Fall 2018!

Join Friends during the holiday season as we seek to bring love and hope to the foster youth of Orange County. Our goal in 2017 was to provide one Christmas stocking, packed full of love, to every one of the 2,600 foster kids in Orange County. We exceeded that goal, and are looking forward to what we can do together, for 2018!

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Ongoing Service Opportunities


We believe God has placed us in our homes, apartments, condos and neighborhoods with one primary purpose in mind: to share the good news of Jesus with those who are in close proximity to us. In a sense, Jesus wants us to take “spiritual responsibility” for our neighborhood. He wants us to actively pray for and reach out to our neighbors with the gospel message.

To help us engage in active neighborhood ministry we are building teams and resources to provide encouragement and equipping for Neighboring efforts. For more info:


Locally, we intentionally serve our public schools in order to enhance the education experience for our children and teenagers. In our school partnering effort, we are also working to get Human Trafficking Awareness training out to every student at every age level in an effort to prevent as many potential victims as possible from falling prey to traffickers.

The Education Task Force is a group that teaches community leaders, families and children about the crimes of injustice targeted at youth today, particularly human trafficking. Through community partnerships and continuing to raise awareness of this matter, we have an ability to reduce this epidemic in our area! For more info:


We are committed to doing everything within our power to end the trafficking of children in Orange County. Child trafficking, especially the sex trafficking of young girls from 9 to 17, is an exploding epidemic in our OC culture. We are working in citywide programs with local law enforcement to provide resources for every rescued victim. We are also working with a range of foster care service agencies to have an impact on every foster child in the OC.

The At Risk Task Force is a group that seeks to love on foster kids in the OC area. With over 2,400 kids in the system, this group is committed to offering love and support to as many children as possible in an effort to keep them safe from the many injustices in our cities. For more info:

The Justice Task Force works with local law enforcement to inform our community on local crime trends. This group also seeks to attain justice and reduce the overall influx of the crime. For more info:


Giving Opportunities
Global Freedom involves engaging in ways to serve, pray and also to give. WE do this in order to EXTEND our lives, EXPAND our influences and to ENLARGE our impact.

Training Library
We are working to build a training library to host neighboring and human trafficking training and equipping resources.