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I am a kindergarten teacher and as you know we have all gone to remote learning online. I am adjusting to that the best I can but my prayer request is for myself and family. My Aunt Jean had a stroke back on January 14th and she is 86. I helped my mom who is 88 to go see her at the hospital and when she went to rehab. for her speech, OT and PT. Then this month, my 92 year old dad fell at 12:35 a.m. on Saturday, March 7th and I got the phone call. I went over to St. Joseph Hospital and waited for the paramedics to bring dad into te ER. My mom was there with my aunt early in the morning to see what had happened with dad. Originally, we were told that he broke his hip. He actually broke his femur and they did surgery with placing a 9 inch rod down the inside of his leg. He was transported to Towne & Country so he can learn to walk again. He broke his back from falling at his house about 4 years ago, in the same location of the house so he was very discouraged. My mom on this past Saturday had 2 small iscemic strokes to the right side of her brain. The clots were the size of a 1/2 sweet pea. I took her to the ER. With both trips with my parents, I was at the hospital till 3 a.m. and finally to sleep by 4 a.m. I am staying with my mom while I try to get all my work done as a teacher. I also received a notice from the Ca. Francise State Board saying that if I do not get things resolved with them, they will take 25% of my disposable income. I do not know why that is happening to me? I have been paying them and my accountant is trying to resolve this by tomorrow otherwise, I will have a financial mess for all my bills. I even took a second job as a tutor to pay them off and now the tutoring job has been cancelled due to the coronavirus. It has been so hard but I am trusting the Lord and staying positive. I just need some extra prayers and some guidance. Please pray for my parents and their health. I do not know what needs to be done for my dad when he comes home. Please pray that the man named Obie at the CFB well see that I am doing my best and give me a payment plan that I can afford. He said that I owe $5,261.24. I do not mind paying it off with a payment plan. I just cannot do 25% of my disposable income. I greatly appreciate your time with reading about my current events. Thank you so much and I am thankful for anyone or a group of people to pray for me. I will be in charge of getting my parents to all of their doctor appointments as well as their meals plus still working online full time as a teacher. Thank you again and hope you have a blessed day too. Sincerely, Cathy Wagner

Received: March 19, 2020