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I'd like prayers for our MOB Group as we can't go to our Retreat. CINEMA CITY MOVIE THEATER closed that I worked at. I have no money and i should visit my mom who lives in California valley because shes elderly and at risk of this Covid 19. I have severe Depression all around and due to my narcissistic Father and the Grief about the passing of my Father as well as the fact that he had an extreme clinched dark affair that broke up our Family and struggles of every kind including giving up. I have been in Fear and Shame for most of my life. These year's have been hard on me no relationship and no friends with very little choice of who I can be. To other people I think I'm seen as Broken so would be nice if they didn't always try to fix me or would stop playing games. I'm lost living in a world of people who live in a bubble of self-righteousness. I need Faith, Hope, and Love. I'm thankful for the ones reading this and APPRECIATE the time and thoughts.

Received: March 22, 2020