Watch Parties are a fun, easy way to experience church every weekend. Invite a few friends and neighbors over to your house (as many as can safely distance, and no more than 10) where you’ll watch, talk, and eat together. Anyone can do it and everyone’s invited!

The party (tentatively) starts May 30&31.

Host Watch Party

Services available on-demand Saturday @ 5P

Watch. Talk. Eat

Hosting a Watch Party is like inviting friends over to watch a game or awards show. Simply invite people over, share some snacks or a meal, and turn on your TV.

Together, you’ll watch the weekend service and have interesting conversations about the message and how it can be applied to your life. It’s easy, fun, and a natural way to invite others into a conversation about faith and God.

Host Watch Party

Can’t meet in person?

Join a Zoom Party

If you can’t host your own Watch Party or don’t feel comfortable going out in this season, we’ve got you covered. Zoom Parties are a great way to connect with others to discuss the weekly message together in a fun, virtual environment.

Zoom Parties are every Sunday at 10:30A. There’s no commitment, so give it a try!

Join a Zoom Party

Our Doors are Always Open

We are the church. Church is not a building, a location, or a weekly gathering. The Church has always been followers of Jesus, living and growing together so that we can change the world. In this unique season it’s more important than ever to open the doors–to our homes–and invite our neighbors in.

Find out more about the future of Friends Church.

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Common Questions

Yes! If you have a Heart for people, can Open your home, Serve some food, and Turn on a TV– then you can HOST a Watch Party!
Absolutely. Call some friends and see if they are willing to host a Watch Party. Or, maybe you can rotate homes each week. If that doesn’t work for you, try joining a Zoom Party.
Of course. Our desire is to be overly cautious and sensitive to how people are feeling in this season. We will be offering a virtual option for those who prefer to stay home but want to participate in the group conversation. We’re calling them Zoom Parties and you can join here.


Watch Parties are based on our anticipation that California will allow gatherings of 10 people beginning May 31.