Lead Your Group With Confidence

Discovery Questions are the primary curriculum for Life Groups at Friends Church. Discovery Questions will help you dive deeper into the weekend teachings, giving you insight into the content and helping you guide your group’s discussion time. The questions are based on an inductive bible study method that takes you through the process of observing, understanding, and applying God’s Word.

New Discovery Questions will be available every Saturday and are designed to be used the following week.

Current Series

The culture we live in is increasingly changing. It is becoming more diverse–and less Christian. In fact, it could be said that we are living in a “post-Christian” culture. Where there was once a time when the message of Christianity and the story of Jesus was once woven into the fabric of our nation–even if not everyone believed in that story–this is no longer the case. If statistics are to believed, not only are fewer people than ever declaring themselves “Christians,” but fewer people in America than ever know about Jesus and the message of Christianity.

While some might look at this and see doom, we look at this and see opportunity. We believe that we have been given in our faith the message of life–and we get the privilege of sharing that message with others!

In our new series “Engage,” we’re going to talk about how we can both “engage” with our faith–learning the basics and fundamentals of what we believe–and how we can “engage” with our non-Christian neighbors–learning how to share the truth of what we have learned with those around us. Through this, we believe that a movement of God can result which can transform our neighborhoods–and our world–for Jesus.